Conigri - FAQ -

Conigri – FAQ

I haveConigri installed – and what do I do now?

Conigri is a widget that belongs on the homescreen. There are several methods to add a widget to your home screen, depending on your version of Android, the phone manufacturer and your favorite launcher app.

  1. Start your App-Drawer
  2. Tap on widgets on the top of the screen
  3. Navigate to Contacts (Conigri)
  4. Then, while holding the widget, move it to the desired location on your Home Screen

In the video you can see the sequence of the above steps:
How To Add Widgets To Your Home Screen (for Android)

After that, the settings will be open, where you can choose the contact group and the size of the contact photos, as well as a few other settings, followed by a tap on Save. Afterwards you can resize the widget (see the video).

I have Conigri installed, but doesn’t see it as a widget?

At which time new widgets will be shown, differs from Launcher to Launcher. In this case, it’s a good practice to reboot your phone. The Conigri entry will then be displayed and you will be able to select it.

What do the icons on the top of the Widget?

The icons can be helpful to access default actions of the phone. Each one of them can be shown or hidden individually.

Icon settings Settings – Change the widget settings, e.g the contact group, size and quality of the contact images, background color, etc.

Icon refresh Refresh – If the contacts or contact images are not displayed, etc.

Icon history / call log History / Call log – Opens the history / call log of the phone

Icon contacts Contacts – Opens the default app of the phone to show the contacts

I’ve hidden the settings icon, can I change the widget yet?

Yes, you can. Open your app drawer and choose Conigri. You see a list of widget. With a tap on it you are now able to change all settings.

I have created the widget. Why I can’t see any contacts?

In general, it shouldn’t take more than a few moments until the
contacts are displayed. However, this is dependent on the phone,
the amount of the contacts and the contact images to be displayed.
If the Refresh button Icon refresh (Refresh) is visible, the contacts should
be displayed by a tap on it.

Why are not all the contacts from my group displayed?

Conigri can display contacts from one group. All the contacts from groups with the same name are displayed, regardless of whether they are groups on the telephone or on Google.
There is a known issue with some kind of phones (most Samsung), where local favorites are not displayed correctly.

I have added someone to a group, but it does not appear in the widget. Why?

The widget noticed changes to the contacts and groups and displays them immediately. If this is not happened, the following options are available:

  • Tap on the icon Icon refresh on top of the widget.
  • Tap on the icon Icon settings on top of the widget and save.
  • Wait until the widget is updated automatically (every 20 minutes).
  • Remove the widget and add a new one.

I have changed the photo of a contact, but the old one is still visible.

As with the question before, the widget observe changes immediately. If this is not happened, the above listed options are available. If the photo has been changed by the browser in Google Contacts, it may take some time to synchronize the information with your phone.


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